Talks and discussions area

The Brighton Dome Corn Exchange is divided into nine separate ‘colour’ zones. Here are listings for the brown zone, which is dedicated to talks and discussions. (Full class details and an at-a-glance timetable are in the festival programme, available on the day for £3.)


Sponsored by Yoga Haven
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10:15-11.00am: The History and Background of Yoga: A Weeny Introduction by Dr Matthew Clarke
11:15-12.00pm: Live Well Live Long by Peter Deadman – book launch
12:15-1.00pm: The Benefits of Working with Crystals in Yoga by Crystal & Rox
1:15-1:45pm: Lunchtime talk: The Real Junk Food Project
2.00-2:45pm: Moving Stretch: Learn To Stretch Your Fascia by Suzanne Wylde
2:55-3.25pm: Octopus Alchemy
3:35-4:20pm: Yoga and The Art of 5 Element Hand Reading by Bella Somerville
4:30-5.00pm: How to Float Stress Away by Camille Pierson of Float Spa