Main yoga zones

The Brighton Dome Corn Exchange is divided into nine separate ‘colour’ zones. Here are listings for the four main yoga zones.
(Full class details and an at-a-glance timetable are in the festival programme, available on the day for £3.)

B = suitable for beginners


Sponsored by Revitalise & Harmonise Training Academy
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10:15-10:45am: Heart centred flow with Louise Gillespie-Smith B

11:00-11:30am: Flow Yoga with Bella Somerville from Yoga Haven B

11:45-12:15pm: Dynamic Vinyasa Flow with Janaki from Inspiration Yoga & Free Spirit Yoga (suitable for beginners but a fast class with options given for the less experienced) B

12:30-1.00pm: Yoga Pilates Fusion with Clare Brown B

1:15-1:45pm: Vajrasati Yoga with Jim Tarran B

2:00-2:30pm: Introduction to acro yoga with Vincent Starr from Be-Yoga B

2:45-3:15pm: Partner Yoga with Sevanti of Unity Studio

3:30-4.00pm: Moving Stretch with David Croft

4:15-4:45pm: Awakened Heart Yoga with Chetana Thornton and Will Thornton from Adventure Yogi B

5:00-5:30pm: Iyengar yoga with Cathy Rogers-Evans from Brighton Natural Health Centre B

5:45-6:15pm: Vinyasa Flow with Gemma Williams from Gem Yoga B


Sponsored by Free Spirit
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10:15-11:15am: Brahmani Yoga with Julie Martin (some asana experience is preferred)

11:30-12:30pm: Restorative Yoga with Emma Cole B

12:45-1:45pm: Foundations of Yoga Workshop with Bradley Wescott from Yoga Haven B

2.00-3.00pm: Single Conscious Women: Attract the Love of Your Life with Julie-Anne Shapiro B

3:15-4:15pm: Yoga for Feeling Good with Bryony Hamerton of Be-Yoga B

4:30-5:30pm: Introduction to the Freestyle Yoga Project with Mark Freeth and Anna Robertshaw-Freeth (suitable for beginners but bear in mind it will be a strong, vigorous class. Please wear suitable clothing. You will need to move and stretch.) B

5:40-6:10pm: Acroyoga Fundamentals with Cat Duval


Sponsored by Float Spa
The Float Spa

10:15-11:45am: Exploring The Spaces In Between with Naomi Absalom (not for beginners)

12.00-2:30pm: Asana Addict with Emily-Clare Hill and Michael James Wong (everyone welcome: it will be challenging but playful) B

2:45-4:15pm: Quality of Touch – the power of non-violence with Marc Aquaviva and Abigail Peck B

4:30-6.00pm: Full Led Primary with Melanie Cooper (not for beginners – a basic knowledge of sun salutations, breathing and yoga poses is required)


Sponsored by Be-Yoga
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10:15-10:45am: Yin Flow with Nicola Harman B

11:00-11:30am: Flow Yoga with Danielle Griffiths B

11:45-12:15pm: Dynamic Hatha Yoga with Jordan Paul B

12:30-1.00pm: Yoga for Life with Emma Newlyn from Be-Yoga B

1:15-1:45pm: Rocket Yoga with LoveLightYoga B

2:00-2:30pm: Vinyasa Yoga Basics with Sarah Williams from Float Spa B

2:45-3:15pm: Pink Yoga with Amasu B

3:30-4.00pm: Beginners ashtanga yoga with Laurene Anstee from Revitalise & Harmonise Training Academy B