Yoga and meditation area

The Brighton Dome Corn Exchange is divided into nine separate ‘colour’ zones. Here are listings for the orange zone, offering yoga and meditation with the Brighton Buddhist Centre, followed by specialist yoga classes. (Full class details and an at-a-glance timetable are in the festival programme, available on the day for £3.)
B = suitable for beginners


Sponsored by Brighton Buddhist Centre

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10.15-10.45am: Hatha Yoga with Vidyadasa B
10.55-11.25am: Mindfulness Meditation with Vidyadasa B
11.35-12.05pm: Hatha Yoga and Embodied Yoga Principles with Vidyadasa B
12.15-12.45pm: Loving Kindness Meditation with Vidyadasa B
1.00-1.45pm: Let Go and Move On for Neck and Shoulders with Sabine Dahn B
2.00-2.45pm: Chair Yoga and Meditation with Hannah Watkins B
3.00-3.45pm: Yoga and Mindfulness with Khadine Morcom B
4.00-4.45pm: Pregnancy Yoga with Anika Grim B
5.00-5.45pm: Hip Opening Flow to Release and Restore with Kayleigh Alwill