About Brighton Yoga Festival

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Brighton Yoga Festival was set up in 2014 to celebrate yoga and its benefits, and to share those benefits with the wider community in Brighton through free classes, taster sessions and more, helping people to find whatever approach to yoga most suits them.

The festival has three main strands:

  • an annual festival
  • outreach activity year-round
  • grant giving.

At its annual event (currently one day), the festival brings together yoga teachers and practitioners from across the city, and beyond, to offer a day of free classes and workshops. The event is free to enter – the only wholly free yoga festival in the country – and it’s open and accessible to everyone, regardless of age, fitness or any prior experience of yoga. Complete beginners are warmly encouraged to try yoga for the first time in a friendly setting.

Beyond that one day, the festival coordinates yoga trails in the region. Over a period of weekends, yoga studios open their doors to everyone, offering free taster sessions to encourage everyone to give yoga a go, without obligation.

The third strand of the festival is to raise funds to support projects, through grant funding, that are aligned to the festival’s charitable aims of promoting the health, social and personal benefits of yoga, particularly to communities who might not otherwise have ready access to yoga, whether because of affordability, physical abilities or otherwise.

Brighton Yoga Festival is a registered charity (number 1166982). The teachers, practitioners and other professionals who make it possible do so as volunteers and any excess income from donations and sponsorship is used to support the grant funding we offer.