Yoga trails 2016

spring-daisy-wallpapers_8455_1024x768-300x225Brighton Yoga Festival may focus on its large one day event but it has a presence in the city throughout the year, promoting the health, social and personal benefits of yoga – particularly to those who have not yet tried it – through free classes, talks and tasters.

A key part of this year-round presence is the BYF Yoga Trail. Throughout the year, yoga studios across the city open their doors for either a day or half a day, offering free, no-commitment classes to draw more people into yoga.

So far in 2016, we have had four trail days:

  • Unity Studios in January
  • studio io in February
  • Yogahaven in March
  • Be-Yoga in April.

Further events so far planned for the year include Brighton Natural Health Centre in May and events on International Yoga Day in June and at Float Spa in July.

A study of attendees at the April event showed that 80% of people coming for the first time were entirely new to yoga, and that the average age was over 40, evidence that the aspiration of reaching out to new people and reaching people who are not traditional yoga first-timers was working.